By Hylda

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NOTE: This story is the second answer to Loraine´s challenge.

This story was written purely for entertainment and is not for profit, and is not meant to trespass in any way on the holders of the rights to Starsky and Hutch.

Starsky and Hutch followed Captain Dobey and his wife Edith out of the theater after the world premier of the Starsky and Hutch movie. Hutch put his sun glasses on and pulled the collar of his tan leather coat up to help hide his face. Captain Dobey and Edith looked down at the floor the shaking their heads in total amazement. No one said a word until they reached the limo that had taken them to the premier. Starsky was the first to speak “Wow did you see how great my car looked. Man she sailed like a rocket.”

Hutch looked at him in total amazement. “Starsk they made us look like idiots. For God sakes I look like a drug using thief who bums money off some poor wayward kid.”

“Yeah but Hutch it was suppose to be a comedy and you have to admit it was pretty funny.”

“We’ll see how funny it is when Huggy Bear slaps the department with a law suit for defamation of character. He looked like a combination of the God Father, Pimp slash thief. Cap how could you and the commissioner approve this movie. It makes Bay City police look like a pack of morons.”

Edith grinned as she added “Harold why was your character so physically fit and where was I during the fund raiser scene?” Captain Dobey just shrugged and looked back at Hutch “We didn’t get to review the script and for legal reasons they couldn’t use any of your actual cases so they made some up.”

Starsky was still smiling “Come on Hutch everyone who knows us would know right off the bat the film is just for fun. The facts were all twisted like you’re the one who jogs on the beach every morning not me, I’m always late for work not you, I’ve known Huggy longer then you, my dad was a cop not my mom and it was in New York. You would never say you like my car and your yard and plants are always well kept. You’re the one that knows the rule book inside and the boy you help care for Kiko is Mexican not black. Come on didn’t you think it was funny?”

“Starsk the only part I thought was funny was when they drove that striped tomato into the ocean. And who the hell were the old guys selling the car at the end of the movie. They had to be at least twice our age.”

Starsky reached into his pocket and took out two checks handing on to Hutch and kissing the other he said “Well I was saving this for you until the party but I guess I’ll give it to you now. It’s our first royalty check from William Blinn for $50,000 and he said between ticket sales, video games and other merchandise we should make at least twice that amount before video sales are even added in.” He watched Hutch’s face suddenly form a smile and putting his arm around his shoulder adding “Hutch for this kind of money they can crash my car into the ocean and call it a striped tomato.” Hutch put the check into his pocket and said “You know Starsky now that I think about it the movie was pretty funny and my character did get to do those two cheerleaders.”

“We’ll be laughing all the way to the bank partner. Don’t forget we have a party to get to and Ben Stiller said he’d introduce us to the actresses who played the cheerleaders.” They climbed into the limo and laughed all the way to the party.     

      THE END

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